Full Circle Mastering is an independent mastering studio located in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Founded by engineer and musician Mark Trewella, Full Circle provides professional audio mastering services for a variety of artists.

In addition to some impressive gear, Mark incorporates GIK Acoustics in his studio to achieve the best sound. “Upon relocating my studio in February of 2012 I ditched my DIY bass traps for the more aesthetically pleasing GIK 242 Acoustic Panels and 244 Bass Traps. Later I went on to add several QRD diffusors which I feel took the room from good to great.  I have nothing but positive things to say about GIK; the products as well as the company as a whole. ”

GIK Acoustics in Full Circle Mastering Studio

Mark’s Bio:

“For as long as I can remember I have been absolutely fascinated by sound and music. At the age of 10 my musical journey began with the guitar. As the years passed I started experimenting with multitrack recording, electronic instruments and computers as a means of capturing my creative ideas. This interest and desire to explore sound led me to attend audio school in Vancouver, BC, Canada. After graduation I found myself living and working in New York City. I spent the next few years working in sound design. While sound for visual media was very rewarding I knew deep down I wanted to work directly with music.

Mastering always intrigued me. When it came time to figure out what aspect of music production I wanted to work in I knew without question it was mastering. This led to an apprenticeship at Scott Hull Mastering in Midtown Manhattan. There I was able to learn the craft first hand from some of the best, most experienced mastering engineers in the industry.

Upon relocating back to my hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I decided to offer my ear, skills and knowledge to others by opening my own independently run mastering studio. Being a musician and home recordist I strive for Full Circle Mastering to appeal to musicians of any budget; whether you are making music in your bedroom or recording at a large commercial studio your music can be enhanced and improved upon through the mastering process at Full Circle Mastering.”