Archivio Mensile: Febbraio 2013

GIK Acoustics Europe Introduces Scatter Plate

GIK ACOUSTICS-EUROPE COMMENCES SCATTERING New SCATTER PLATE Gives Customers Option to Add Diffusion to Absorption Products BRADFORD, UK (February 18, 2013) – GIK Acoustics-Europe announces a breakthrough option to our line of absorption products – the new, built-in Scatter Plate. Customers can add scattering / diffusion to all our broadband bass traps and acoustic panels […]

GIK Acoustics ArtPanel Product Video

This video provides product information for the GIK Acoustics ArtPanel. Descriptions of size, image transfer process and construction are presented. If you need acoustic treatments, but want something unique or if you’re looking for top-notch acoustic panels but want to make a decorative statement – we have just the thing for you – the GIK […]