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PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) Used as Vocal Booth

Il PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) della GIK Acoustics isola efficacemente un cantante o fonte sonora dalla stanza in cui si trovano il che migliora significativamente la qualità delle registrazioni. Un lato del PIB ha una sottile lastra di legno che presenta forme intagliate con stile che migliorano l’ assorbimento ed al contempo permettono una buona […]

Beach House Studios

Producer John Eye recently contacted GIK Acoustics for advice in building out his 3rd studio in the Boston area. Beach House Studios is a mid sized project recording studio for tracking and mixing. Founder John Eye has over 20 years of experience recording, editing, producing, mixing, and mastering the best quality audio, film and video […]

Introducing FreeStand Acoustic Panel

LET’S GET MOVING! GIK ACOUSTICS-EUROPE INTRODUCES FREESTAND MOVABLE ACOUSTIC PANEL BRADFORD, UK (April 8, 2014) – GIK Acoustics-Europe, a leading manufacturer and seller of top-quality absorption and diffusion products, today announced the introduction of the FreeStand Acoustic Panel – a new movable, lightweight absorption panel. The FreeStand Acoustic Panel is a gobo – a movable […]

GIK Acoustics Screen Panel Gobo Product Video

This video provides product information for the GIK Acoustics Screen Panel Gobo. Descriptions of size, color options, placement and construction are presented. A gobo refers to a movable acoustic isolation panel. Gobos are used to control the acoustical properties of a room by absorbing and diffusing sound waves to treat unwanted reverb or to separate […]