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Le Interazioni con le Superfici Circostanti (SBIR)

SBIR (Speaker Boundary Interference Response) è un acronimo utilizzato per descrivere gli effetti causati dalle superfici circostanti un altoparlante per quanto riguarda la risposta in frequenza, in particolare nelle basse frequenze. Questo aspetto spesso non è compreso (e quindi trascurato) quando si progetta una stanza ed il suo trattamento. Il suono viene emesso dal driver […]

Beach House Studios

Producer John Eye recently contacted GIK Acoustics for advice in building out his 3rd studio in the Boston area. Beach House Studios is a mid sized project recording studio for tracking and mixing. Founder John Eye has over 20 years of experience recording, editing, producing, mixing, and mastering the best quality audio, film and video […]

Home Cinema Experience Room Treatment Video

Andrew Robinson is a filmmaker, writer, blogger and audio/video enthusiast. Having written product reviews and features for mainstream publications, Andrew took his talents and created his own site – ARC Cinema – in which he writes not only about products but also about the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking. He has also produced a […]

Alter Eden in Studio Before and After Treatment

Alter Eden GIK Acoustics

Alter Eden is an alternative rock / metal band from the Midlands in the United Kingdom. Recently the band installed GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Traps, 244 Bass Traps, and 242 Acoustic Panels in their studio which they use for both recording and mixing. Said vocalist Nick Pilgrim, “we’ve put together a before and after recording […]

GIK Acoustics Offers 3D Renderings

As part of our free Acoustical Room Advice service, GIK Acoustics offers customers a full 3D rendering of your room complete with our expert analysis and recommended placement of your GIK Acoustics products. It’s another way we help take the guesswork out of treating your room. Simply provide information via our Acoustical Room Advice page. […]

GIK Acoustics Products in Home Theatre

Andrew Robinson is an independent filmmaker, home theatre writer and GIK Acoustics customer. Below is his video which highlights the equipment in his very impressive home theatre. You will notice the GIK Acoustics Tri-Trap Corner Bass traps and Monster Bass Traps (with Scatter Plates) behind the speakers. You can also read Andrew’s review of the […]

GIK Acoustics Europe Introduces Scatter Plate

GIK ACOUSTICS-EUROPE COMMENCES SCATTERING New SCATTER PLATE Gives Customers Option to Add Diffusion to Absorption Products BRADFORD, UK (February 18, 2013) – GIK Acoustics-Europe announces a breakthrough option to our line of absorption products – the new, built-in Scatter Plate. Customers can add scattering / diffusion to all our broadband bass traps and acoustic panels […]

GIK Acoustics ArtPanel Product Video

This video provides product information for the GIK Acoustics ArtPanel. Descriptions of size, image transfer process and construction are presented. If you need acoustic treatments, but want something unique or if you’re looking for top-notch acoustic panels but want to make a decorative statement – we have just the thing for you – the GIK […]

GIK Acoustics Room Kits Product Video

This video provides product information for the four GIK Acoustics Room Kits. Descriptions of size, color options, placement and construction are presented. If you’re looking for a package that addresses room acoustic issues and fits within your budget, GIK Acoustics offers Room Kits that take the guess work out of the process. We have carefully […]

GIK Acoustics Scopus Tuned Bass Trap Product Video

This video provides product information for the GIK Acoustics Scopus Tuned Bass Trap. Descriptions of size, color options, placement and construction are presented. The main goal of acoustic treatments in most rooms is to control bass decay and improve frequency response without over-damping the upper frequencies. We recommend starting with broadband bass traps for overall […]