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Ian Shepherd Realizza il suo Home Studio

L’ingegnere di mastering Ian Shepherd è fondatore del sito Production Advice e titolare di Mastering Media Ltd. Ian è specializzato in mastering e post produzione audio ed opera anche nel settore della realizzazione di DVD e Blu-Ray. E’ inoltre il fondatore del Dynamic Range Day, un evento a cadenza annuale con l’obiettivo di informare circa le “Loudness Wars”. Negli ultimi 15 […]

Alter Eden in Studio Before and After Treatment

Alter Eden GIK Acoustics

Alter Eden is an alternative rock / metal band from the Midlands in the United Kingdom. Recently the band installed GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Traps, 244 Bass Traps, and 242 Acoustic Panels in their studio which they use for both recording and mixing. Said vocalist Nick Pilgrim, “we’ve put together a before and after recording […]

Stephen Marsh on the PreSonus Sceptre S8 Monitors

Stephen Marsh is an expert mastering engineer whose studio is decked with a bevy of GIK Acoustics Q7D Diffusors.  We previously profiled Stephen in a SPOTLIGHT feature:  This spring he had a chance to install the PreSonus Sceptre S8 Monitors in his studio and put them through their paces. In this video, he shares his reaction. […]

AES 2011 Interview with Glenn Kuras

In 2011, GIK Acoustics exhibited at the 131st AES Convention in New York City.  While we were there, Indie Ambassador interviewed GIK President Glenn Kuras. About AES For over 60 years, the AES has been the largest gathering of audio professionals and enthusiasts on the globe, attracting delegates from over 100 countries worldwide.  Workshops, tutorials, […]

GIK Acoustics Products in Home Theatre

Andrew Robinson is an independent filmmaker, home theatre writer and GIK Acoustics customer. Below is his video which highlights the equipment in his very impressive home theatre. You will notice the GIK Acoustics Tri-Trap Corner Bass traps and Monster Bass Traps (with Scatter Plates) behind the speakers. You can also read Andrew’s review of the […]

Acoustic Treatments in Listening Room

Zalan Schuster, a GIK Acoustics dealer and acoustic technician in Slovakia, places acoustic treatments in a Listening Room in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Zalan Schuster Acoustics / GIK Acoustics showroom Mierova 85 821 05 Bratislava, Slovakia Tel.: +421 905 616 440 The room is 5.5 m x 4.1 m x 3m high; which […]

Customer Video: Chris Garrido

In this customer video, Chris Garrido of Garrido and Skehan shows the GIK Acoustics products he uses 242 Bass Traps, Tri-Traps to tame his studio.  He plans to incorporate Monster Bass Traps in the back and 242 Acoustic Panels on the side wall reflection points. Visit Garrido and Skehan website for more info. English English […]

Customer Video: Fabrizio "Fabri Edge" Sanfilippo

Fabrizio “Fabri Edge” Sanfilippo is a sound engineer from Turin, Italy.  In this customer video, he illustrates how GIK Acoustics treatments brought his sound to life.  Watch the 3D rendering as our 244 Bass Traps, Soffit Traps, Monster Bass Traps and 242 Acoustic Panels transform his unusual space.  His room is in an attic space […]